Getting Started

  • The physician will prescribe XERMELO™ to the patient and fill out an Enrollment Form. Once the Enrollment Form is completed, the physician's office will send it directly to a LexCares specialty pharmacy partner ( Diplomat or Biologics).
  • LexCares will then verify the Enrollment Form has been successfully completed by the physician's office and process it.
  • Once the Enrollment Form is processed, LexCares will call the patient to arrange delivery of a XERMELO™ Starter Kit, including an initial supply of XERMELO™.
Get more information about eligibility criteria.

Financial Assistance

LexCares specialty pharmacy partners (Diplomat and Biologics) will help determine the patient's insurance coverage.
  • For patients with commercial insurance: LexCares offers $0 copay.
  • For patients with government or no insurance: LexCares will help identify the appropriate patient assistance program the patient qualifies for.
Get more information about eligibility criteria.

Expert Care Team

LexCares has partnered with Diplomat and Biologics specialty pharmacies to guide patients through each step of the XERMELO™ process Diplomat and Biologics are patient-focused specialty pharmacies and are committed to being a part of the care team.
  • Diplomat and Biologics will coordinate with patients, physicians, nurses, and office staff to ensure everyone has the most up-to-date information.
  • LexCares will connect with the physician's office if additional forms or information are required.
Get more information about eligibility criteria.

*Eligibility Criteria: Eligibility cannot be determined until all of the information submission requirements have been met by the healthcare professional, patient, and/or caregiver. Please refer to the Enrollment Form for details.

Patient financial information and insurance status are required to determine whether a patient qualifies for assistance, and which LexCares financial support offering is appropriate for the patient.

Patients not eligible for financial assistance through LexCares may be able to obtain financial support through other programs. Our representatives will assist you in finding other options.

How LexCares Works: